Is there a statutory minimum wage?

As a general rule, under Swiss law, there is no statutory minimum wage.
Therefore, the amount of the salary generally depends on the individual employment contract.

However, some collective or standard employment contracts, concluded between employers or employers’ associations and labour unions, may stipulate a minimum wage to be owed to the employee.

Where such collective or standard employment contracts apply, parties can still deviate from their mandatory provisions, but only in favour of the employee.

Swiss law also provides some rules aimed at protecting the interests of the employee with regards to his/her remuneration. For instance, the employer generally pays the remuneration in legal currency, unless otherwise agreed, and must provide the employee with a written salary statement.

In addition, while the employer is allowed to set off his counterclaims against an employee’s salary, this is usually possible to the extent that the salary could be subject to attachment in debt collection proceedings.

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