EU-28/EFTA citizens: employed

EU-28/EFTA citizens looking for a job do not require an authorization if they stay in Switzerland less than three months. If the search takes longer than three months, they may stay three additional months provided that they request the relevant permit.

Activity of less than three months

EU/EFTA citizens providing a service or working in Switzerland for less than 90 days do not need a permit. They must however follow an announcement procedure which can be done on-line (

Short-term residence permit (permit L)

This permit is delivered to employees or self-employees who will stay in Switzerland for less than one year, based on the length of the work contract.

Residence and work permit (permit B)

This permit is given to employees or self-employees planning to stay in Switzerland at least 12 months. Employees must have a work contract going over 1 year to benefit of this type of permit. Students also receive a B permit for studies going over 1 year, the permit will cover the length of the studies and will have to be renewed after a year (see the page “the multi-faceted B permit)

Frontalier permit (permit G)

This permit is delivered to EU citizens living at the border of Switzerland in specific areas. It allows employees to live in France or Germany for example, and work in Switzerland. The employee must go back home at least once a week.

Permanent residency permit (permit C)

This permit may be obtained after a regular and uninterrupted stay of five years in Switzerland. The holder of a settlement permit may stay in Switzerland indefinitely.

How to proceed?

All the application forms for L, B or C permits can be downloaded in PDF format from the website The application form must be lodged to the OCPM in Geneva together with the relevant supporting documents.

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