Legitimation card and Ci permit

20 04 2018
The legitimation card or Cdl, is an authorization to work delivered by the Department of Foreign Affairs to non-Swiss citizens employed by UN organizations, diplomatic missions, international and Read more

Mobbing under Swiss law

17 03 2018
  Swiss law considers mobbing as a violation of personal privacy and physical integrity. The term is used to describe psychological harassment at the workplace aiming to Read more

Obtaining a C permit

02 12 2017
The C permit: what does it offer and how to apply for it The Swiss C permit is the equivalent of permanent residency, allowing a non-Swiss citizen Read more

Buying a property in Switzerland

14 03 2014
In Switzerland, the acquisition of real estate by non-Swiss persons living abroad is governed by the Federal Act on the Acquisition of Real Estate by Persons Abroad Read more

EU-27/EFTA citizens: employed

28 02 2014
EU-27/EFTA citizens looking for a job do not require an authorization if they stay in Switzerland less than three months. If the search takes longer than three Read more

EU-27/EFTA citizens: self-employed

04 02 2014
EU-27/EFTA citizens who are coming to Switzerland to open a business and be self-employed are subject to the same type of permits than employed applicants. Once in Read more

Non EU/EFTA citizens: employed

04 02 2014
Non-EU/EFTA citizens are subjected to tighter conditions regarding the obtention of a work permit. A residency permit or a visa must be obtained before entering Switzerland.In order to Read more